About The School  

Pleasant Hill Elementary

Pleasant Hill Elementary officially began in 1961, but its roots go back to the Pleasant Hill Academy of the late 1880's.  Our school is founded in the small town of Pleasant Hill near Crossville, TN. The school proudly serves the Mayland, Pomona, Browntown, and Pleasant Hill communities. (For a thorough history of the school click here.)

Pleasant Hill Statistics

  • Principal - Mrs. Missy Carter
  • Assistant Principal- Mrs. Abbi Dunford
  • Grade Level - PreK - 8
  • Student Enrollment - 621 (as of May 2016)
  • Mascot - Buzz the Hornet
  • School Colors - Hunter Green and Vegas Gold
  • Sports - Cross Country, Cheerleading, and Basketball
  • Clubs - Chess, FCA, BETA, Yearbook, Archery, Jump Rope, Student Advisory, and 4-H




Missions and Beliefs



The mission of Pleasant Hill Elementary is for all stakeholders to honor the school’s core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Accountability to maximize each student’s development of academic and personal excellence now and in their own futures.




Pleasant Hill Elementary School will develop college and career ready students, who support and foster individual differences, encourage each other, and set challenging goals for themselves and those around them. We will strive to think critically and creatively while using solid decision-making strategies, promoting a sense of teamwork and empowering all students to be respectful, responsible, and accountable citizen leaders in our community and around the world.


We Believe …


  •    All children should reach their learning potential.
  •    All children should be taught in a safe and secure learning environment.
  •    Learning is a shared responsibility among students, parents, community, and staff.
  •    Learning is a life-long process.

Pleasant Hill History

Pleasant Hill History

The historical background and organization of schools in Pleasant Hill can be traced back to 1884. In the late 1800's, families seeking better education for their children petitioned the American Missionary Association of the Congregational Church in Boston, Massachusetts to build and operate a school. In 1884, the Pleasant Hill Academy was established, and buildings began to be built: classrooms, dormitories, the principal's house, and farm buildings.






The first school term lasted only three months and was held in a building that was both the school and the church. The Academy was carried on for a missionary project, supported partly by contributions from the north and partly by the gifts of land, labor, and cash from Pleasant Hill residents. The usual Academy advertisement in the Crossville Chronicle in early days listed monthly tuition for primary students at 25 cents, rising to a dollar a month for normal and high school students. Room and board cost $6.00.

In 1947, the Academy was closed, and the property was sold to the county school system for $45,000. They built the present buildings. The school then became Pleasant Hill High School and had classes for grades one through twelve. In 1961, the county high schools were consolidated and Cumberland County High School was built. As a result, Pleasant Hill High School then became what is now Pleasant Hill Elementary School. Currently, Pleasant Hill enrolls students in grades Pre-K through eight.