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About the Library

Pleasant Hill Elementary library is home to approximately 9,600 books. Most of these books can be found on the Accelerated Reader program. All students attend a scheduled library class weekly.

Book Check Out

Pre-K through Kindergarten checks out 1 book every week. These books remain in their classrooms.

1st Grade students are allowed to have one book checked out. The student is allowed to take this book home. The book must be brought back before another book can be checked out.

2nd - 8th grade students are allowed to have 2 books checked out per week. These books are allowed to go home with the students.

Each student uses his or her state number to check out a book. If the book is kept longer than 2 weeks, the student is locked out of the computer. The student will have to bring the books back before any other books are checked out.

Lost or Damaged Books

All lost or damaged books must be paid for in full. Grade cards will be held for grossly overdue or lost books.


Ms. Cindy is proud to introduce the new Pleasant Hill Elementary Library Media Center web site. Feel free to bookmark it for future reference.

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