Coach K's Computer Activites

Computer Class

Activities for Computers

5th-8th Grade suggestions

-Students can log on to and work on typing activities and typing games.  Students need to do their best not to look at their fingers while typing and use correct typing posture. (sitting up straight, feet on the floor, fingers on home row.)

-Students can also log onto to learn how to code and work on computer science activities.  The site is free students will have options that they did not have during class

K-4th Grade Suggestions

-Students can log onto  They are offering all activities and games for free during this time. They will have access to over 20 fun games that will motivate them to practice math, spelling, and grammar.  If students have issues getting logged in you can contact me at

-Students also have access to ABC mouse, PBS kids, and ABCYA learn activities and games.